Electrical Systems

We observe and describe the following electrical components and mention their condition in the report:

  1. Service type (overhead or underground)
  2. Grounding equipment
  3. Main service box (protective device and location of box)
  4. Main and secondary distribution panels (protective device, posted capacity, location)
  5. Branch circuit wiring, their over current devices, and the compatibility of their ampacities and voltages

We mention in the report:

  1. Nominal rating according to main fuses or circuit breakers on the main service box
  2. The operation of a representative number of installed lighting fixtures and switches located inside or outside the building
  3. If polarity and grounding of a representative number of outlets have been verified
  4. Operation of installed ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) and the absence of GFCI’s in areas where required
  5. The presence or absence of arc fault interrupters

We open main service boxes and distribution panels when it is safe to do so. If we cannot, we indicate the reasons in our inspection report.

Note we are not required to:

We are not required to observe or operate:





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