Heating Systems

We observe and describe permanently installed heating systems, whether primary, secondary or other, including:

  1. Energy source
  2. Type of heating equipment
  3. Normal operating controls
  4. Automatic safety controls
  5. The material and the condition of the exterior of chimneys, the flues and dampers
  6. heat distribution systems, including:
    • ducts
    • piping
    • radiators
    • the condition of registers and air filters

We mention in the report:

  1. the presence or absence of a permanently installed heat source in each habitable room, unfinished basement areas and crawl spaces
  2. fuel tank, including:
    • location
    • year of manufacture
    • leaks
    • supports
    • the location and the condition of supply piping
    • fill and vent piping

We operate permanently installed heating systems using normal operating controls.

We open access panels provided by the manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance, where this operation does not require any tools.

Note we are not required to observe or verify:



Residential Inspection Montreal inspects all systems listed below.

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