We observe and describe the material of the finishes for the following components and mention their condition in the report:

  1. walls, floors and ceilings
  2. steps, stairways, balconies and railings
  3. kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters
  4. interior windows and doors, including the condition of their hardware
  5. walls, doors and ceilings separating the habitable spaces and a garage

We operate a representative number of permanent windows and
interior doors.

We mention any indications or signs of water penetration or condensation and we also mention any signs of what appears to be mold on interior building components. If applicable, we use a moisture detector to confirm or refute the presence of moisture in suspected areas and nowhere else.

Note we are not required to observe or verify:

  • The interior of the following elements:
    1. paint, wallpaper and other finishes on the interior walls and ceilings
    2. carpeting
    3. draperies, blinds and other window treatments
    4. household appliances
    5. recreational facilities

    We are not required to evaluate the acoustical characteristics
    of any system or component.



    Residential Inspection Montreal inspects all systems listed below.

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