We observe and describe the following exterior components and mention their condition in our report:

  1. Exterior wall cladding, siding, trim and flashings
  2. Permanent windows and doors, flashings and mouldings
  3. Eaves, including fascia and soffits
  4. Walkways, decks, balconies, stoops, steps, porches and railings, garage and car ports or driveways

We mention in the report:

  1. The presence of electric garage door openers and safety devices
  2. Whether or not any electric garage door opener automatically reverses or stops when meeting reasonable resistance during closing
  3. The presence of vegetation, soil grading slopes, water drainage systems, and retaining walls when any one or the other of these systems can have an effect on the condition of the main building.

We operate all permanent exterior doors, including garage doors that are
operated manually or using a permanently installed electric door opener.

Note we are not required to observe the following non-permanent

Residential Inspection Montreal inspects all systems listed below.

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